Rhodes Forum 2013

The 11th Rhodes Forum started

Opening Ceremony of the 11th Rhodes Forum took place on October 2, 2013 at Rhodes, Greece.

The Ceremony was opened with the speech of Archimandrite Nectarios Pokkias who read out greetings to the Forum participants sent by His Eminence Metropolitan Cyril of Rhodes. Key message of the greetings was that any nation implements itself best through dialogue, for the dialogue helps to realize the nation’s place in global community and to foster the peaceful coexistence of civilizations in the world.

According to Mayor of Rhodes Stathis Kousournas, who was the second speaker at the Ceremony, large part of existing problems are caused by domination of material values in public life. This situation stipulates the need in alternative approaches to solving these problems, and the World Public Forum is an attempt to elaborate such an alternative.

WPF Founding President, vice-chairman of the Board of the Endowment for DofC Foundation Vladimir Yakunin concluded the official part of the Opening ceremony with a speech on “The Age of the World Picture” concept that became a motto of the ongoing Forum.

Afterwards the participants of the Opening Ceremony enjoyed the musical performance by “Signum Five” and “Timeless.”


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