“Europe: Lost in Translation?

International Conference “Europe: Lost in Translation?”

On May, 14-16 in Berlin will take place international confrenceEurope: Lost in Translation?, organized by the World Public Forum “Dialogue of civilizations” and German-Russian Forum.

An international conference for European and Non-European NGO representatives, political leaders, economists and experts in social sciences with a focus on the future of a wider Europe as a unique space for inter-civilizational dialogue and coexistence.

25 years after the end of the Cold War, Europe is still in search of an identity beyond the old divisions. Culturally and socially, there is a great deal that Europeans in East and West as well as North and South share in common. One key challenge is therefore how to build common institutions and foster both trust and cooperation in order to realise the idea of a «Greater Europe» from Lisbon to Vladivostok.

Europe was the pioneer of a multicultural approach to the complex issues of post-conflict unity and reconciliation. It proposed tolerance as a basic approach towards a variety of problems that have been exacerbated by the globalization of the world economy, finance and Knowledge-societies by worldwide digitalization.

The following questions and topics will be discussed in 3 working groups:

  • Is it now the prerogative of the supporters of the «West and the rest» approach only to decide on the future of Europe?
  • Is the EU model a comprehensive and sufficient basis for dealing with modern socio-cultural changes?
  • How can a dialogue of civilizations philosophy help overcome the existing lack of a wider European public discourse?
  • Is such a broader public discourse capable of preventing the negative effects of the contemporary crisis in the Eurozone, including the atomization of societies?
  • Does it have the power to overcome the ongoing nationalist and populist backlash against European integration and prevent Europe from a greater threat of world political conflicts?

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