Rhodes Forum 2014

12th Session of the Rhodes Forum Started Journalists’ Accreditation

Over 600 thinkers from more than 70 countries will discuss possibilities of harmonization of international relations and strengthening of stability in the world and will set together to work out instruments to make interaction among cultures and civilizations possible during the Rhodes Forum – annual session of the World Public Forum «Dialogue of Civilizations». The event is being held every autumn since 2003 on the ancient Greek island of Rhodes and brings together public figures and statesmen, academics, religious figures and representatives of the arts, mass media and business spheres from all over the world. This year Rhodes Forum will be held on September 26-29.

The main theme of the 12th Rhodes Forum is “Ending war, preventing war”, commemorating the 100th Anniversary of WWI. The theme is as relevant today as has ever in light of the numerous military conflicts raging in different parts of the world today. The 12th Rhodes Forum will pay tribute to the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi and the late WPF “DoC” Co-Chairman and Co-Founder Jagdish Kapur by promoting the culture of non-violence, and the spirit of cooperation, peace, and justice.

In the midst of the unfolding new Cold War a monstrous specter is emerging: the threat of a Third World War with truly global proportions. The World Public Forum -“Dialogue of Civilizations” – together with dozens of other international NGO’s and hundreds of independent intellectuals – is aware of the need to foster global solidarity in order to counter short-sighted global agendas with the principles of international law and civilizational dialogue congruent with the idea of a future democratic world order.

The Forum 2014 plans to discuss the following issues in the format of plenary sessions, panels and workshops:

  • The legacies and lessons of World War I and World War II;
  • Dialogical promotion of the solidarity of cultures as the needed premise for world order and social well-being;
  • The problem of externally engineered modes of “regime change”  as a threat to the stability and  development of global humanity;
  • Dialogical education as a means to promote the peaceful settlement of inter-faith, inter-cultural and inter-ethnic tensions;
  • Projects fostering solidarity in the fields of economic development and regional  cooperation and integration;
  • Policies designed to protect the natural environment as well as the “spiritual wealth” of the peoples of this world.

The full program in the form of content scheme is available on the forum web-site http://www.rhodesforum.org/. Among the participants of the Forum are:

Ambassador (Retd.) Pascal Alan Nazareth, famous Mahatma Gandhi expert and lecturer;
Mohammad Khatami, 5th President of Iran, creator of the idea of the Dialogue among Civilizations, proclaimed by United Nations;
Vladimir Yakunin, Russian official, co-founder of the WPF “DoC”;
Walter Schwimmer, former Secretary General of the Council of Europe, consultant on international relations and European affairs, Chairman of the ICC of the WPF “DoC” and other.

Please, contact for accreditation:

Lidia Vdovina, press@http://dofc-foundation.org, cell: +41 (0)79 106 18 46, until 25 of August 2014


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