Kulturen bitten zu Tisch

Cultures invite to the table in Vienna

Kulturen bitten zu Tisch, Vienna, Austria, May 28, 2015

Initially stated as part of the Anna Lindh Foundation common action in 2008, of the regional campaign “1001 Actions for Dialogue”, this action/event will take place in 2015 for the 8th time. It is always organized in late May, around the occasion of the UNESCO World Day for Intercultural Dialogue (21 May).

The objective of the action is:

– to raise public awareness for the need of intercultural dialogue with special focus on mutual respect, involving opinion leaders as well as the public;
– to show with practical examples intercultural exchange.

The ultimate goal: to promote dialogue between cultures.

On the occasion of the UNESCO World Day for Intercultural Dialogue, the eighth annual festival “Cultures invite to the table” and the annual Round Dinner Table with ambassadors of the participating nations will take place on 28 May 2015 with 25 nations participating. In addition, during 2015, various Round Tables with Opinion Leaders will be organized, covering current topics and events. The ambassadors and representatives of the nations represented at the festival will sample the dishes from around the world. That too is a contribution to international understanding.

The “Cultures invite to the Table” event (in German – Kulturen bitten zu Tisch) will be an open-air event held at the Sigmund Freud Park in Vienna, with an intercultural buffet offered by members of our partner organizations and a cultural programme presenting music and dance from the participating nations. Expected are around 5000 participants. It is organized in cooperation with 25 Austro-foreign friendship societies, with the support of the City of Vienna and the Austrian foreign ministry (cultural department and dialogue task force). Organisers from the friendship societies offer the relevant national culinary specialties to taste. Artists and groups from the various participating nations present a cultural program, involving dance, song, musical performances and even dance or music workshops.

The income from the event is used to support various charitable causes.

Target groups are:

– Opinion leaders from religious communities, associations of immigrants, friendship leagues, academic institutions interested in intercultural dialogue;
– The Viennese public.

In addition to the actual program an online “Intercultural cookbook” is offered, and it is supplemented after each event. At the moment it has over 100 recipes. Other cultures become more familiar in this way, and more appreciated. Under the motto “Culture of the cooking pot” bring the participants together with the World Public Forum their intercultural cookbook out. The collection of recipes of the delicacies on offer at the festival encourages you to cook and will soon be available for free download on the website of the World Public Forum. The intercultural cookbook of exchange between cultures through the festival also is encouraged and everyone can participate.

Photos from past events are available under

The online cookbook is currently available under:


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