DOC Rhodes FORUM 2016 September 30 - October 1

Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute’s Rhodes Forum 2016 Convenes

30 SEPTEMBER 2016, RHODES – DOC Research Institute (“DOC”, or the “Institute”), an independent international think tank headquartered in Berlin, announces that the 14th Rhodes Forum 2016 “The Chaos of Multiplicity: An Urgent Call for Dialogue” has opened in Greece.

This key international event brings together leading experts from government, business and academia to discuss pressing global issues. It runs from 30 September to 1 October 2016.

Held each year since 2002 on the Greek island of Rhodes, the Forum has consistently attracted high-ranking participants from over 70 countries. Every year, key guests and speakers include acting and former presidents and senior officials, members of the international academic community and business elite, representatives of international NGOs, diplomats and the media.

This year’s Rhodes Forum is pleased to note the number of high-profile serving politicians who have been able to attend, including Czech President Milos Zeman. Engagement at this level speaks to the acute need for events such as the Rhodes Forum, which provide a vital platform for wide-ranging discussion of the pressing issues the international community faces today – from global security to economic development.

The agenda of the 14th Forum will comprise a number of overarching themes, including:

  • civilizations against the new barbarism
  • alternative economic models
  • human ecology
  • global inclusive development
  • reconciliation and peace between East and West
  • new strategies for growth based on infrastructure investment.

In previous years the Forum has been organised by the World Public Forum Dialogue of Civilizations (headquartered in Vienna). Now, as part of the WPF’s transformation into the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute this long-standing event will be organised by DOC RI (headquartered in Berlin).

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About DOC RI:

Rooted in a tradition of seeking dialogue-based solutions to humankind’s most pressing issues, Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute builds on the work and achievements of its predecessor organization, the World Public Forum Dialogue of Civilizations, bringing together global thought leaders from academia, public policy, business and civil society to debate and develop practice-based policy advice.

The roots of the organization date back to 9 November 2001, following an initiative by Iranian leader Mohammad Khatami, when UNESCO Member States unanimously adopted the ‘UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity’ and the UN General Assembly presented its Global Agenda for Dialogue Among Civilisations, setting out the principles of intercultural dialogue to be defended and objectives to be achieved. The World Public Forum Dialogue of Civilizations emerged as a practical endeavour to implement this initiative, and has since evolved into what is today Dialogue of Civilisations Research Institute.


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