Dr. Yakunin publishes series of lectures

“We need to think hard about the future!” was the guiding principle of the series of lectures Dr. Vladimir Yakunin gave at renowned institutions in China and Iran in the opening months of 2017, where he addressed high-level representatives from politics, business, academia, and the media.
In his lectures, Dr. Yakunin outlined possible scenarios and ideas for tackling the multi-layered challenges the world is faced with today. He addressed numerous topics, ranging from global governance and the changing world order, and the domestic political developments affecting international relations, to the challenges of achieving economic growth and sustainable development.
In order to find solutions, it is not only innovative ideas and sharp minds that are needed, but – equally relevant – joint endeavours by states and institutions from around the world. “United, we can be much stronger!”, Dr. Yakunin vigorously repeated. “Together we must ensure that the future world order will be modelled in such a way that it grants each nation an equal voice and allows it to preserve its individual potential,” he stressed.
Dr. Yakunin underlined the mission of the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute and the importance of dialogue between cultures. The fact that the future of the world greatly depends on the willingness to communicate and on efforts to understand one another, echoed throughout his speeches.
The DOC Research Institute will publish the lectures on the DOC website.

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