DOC to Comment on UN Habitat’s Future Role

UN Secretary General António Guterres’ High-Level Panel of eminent persons has invited the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC) to comment on effectiveness and governance at UN Habitat, the United Nations agency for human settlements and sustainable urban development. The High-Level Panel will be presenting its comprehensive survey at a two-day meeting of the UN General Assembly in September 2017.
The panel’s task is to evaluate governance structure and practices at UN Habitat and its Human Settlement Programme as well as co-operation with national, subnational and local stakeholders. It shall put forward recommendations on effectiveness, efficiency, accountability and oversight. To prepare the report, the panel consults with UN Habitat´s Governing Council and its Committee of Permanent Representatives as well as UN member states, multilateral organizations, local authorities, expert bodies, and stakeholders. UN Habitat is being chaired, until 2019, by India.
The CEO of the Berlin-based Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute, Pooran Pandey, comments: “I highly appreciate that the UN High-Level Panel has invited DOC to present its views and comments on the work of UN Habitat. Given the new challenges UN Habitat is facing, partnership with international think tanks such as the DOC with its mandate on infrastructure, inclusive development, and sustainable growth, makes perfect sense.”

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