DOC Research publishes Davtyan’s Special Report on Global Energy Security as an Ontological System

Berlin, 4 April 2017, Vahe Davtyan implements a multi-disciplinary approach to global energy security, incorporating a philosophical lens to re-define what we understand by ‘energy crisis’. Rather than a lack of energy, or radical price changes, Davtyan focuses on uncontrolled consumption by the ‘golden billion’, influenced by increasing dependence on information technology and unmitigated by a growth in renewable energy. Proposing we look at the ‘energy security of the person’, Davtyan explains that the ‘production of energy demand’ is tied to a new kind of human – ‘Homo Consumptoris’.
Vahe Davtyan is Associate Professor at the Institute of Law and Politics of the Russian-Armenian University, where he leads the master’s program ‘Applied Political Science’. He is also an associate professor for the UNESCO Chair on Human Rights, Democracy and European Studies programme at the Yerevan State University of Languages and Social Sciences.
This is the second of a number of reports to be published in the coming months, which will include themes like: global civil society; civilizational geo-politics; the Silk Order; foreign intervention and economic development; the role of pensions; and long-term trends.

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