E-Library Gets New User-Friendly Look

New features and a new design make the DOC E-Library very easy to use. Research papers are more easily found, top-rated pieces are highlighted and E-Library visitors are invited to read the most interesting papers chosen by other users. Additionally, individual author profiles introduce the DOC experts to the E-Library community. Some publications are viewed for free, whereas for others a purchase price is indicated.
DOC membership has a clear advantage here, making other publications freely available.
The E-Library collects, houses, and disseminates the past, present, and future publications of the DOC​, as well as past publications of the World Public Forum in an open access archive.
The E-Library has a new link:

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This year the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute supported the prestigious Musical Olympus Charity Ball, which took place on 2-3 June 2018 at the Catherine Palace in Saint Petersburg. The Musical Olympus Ball has been held annually since 1999 and gathers the élite of Russian art, business, and politics. International guests from Austria, Switzerland, Germany, […]

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Georgi Derluguian takes a grand, historical-sociology and anthropologically inspired look at the history of social evolution, examining behaviours that counter the aggrandisement of ‘chiefs’ – elites who have established themselves as rulers by imposing themselves upon the collective power of humanity. He draws hope that through a combination of social initiative and the staying power […]

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