DOC Research signs Memorandum of Understanding with Friends of Europe for an Online Security Debate

`Debating Security Plus’ is an online platform where international security experts from think tanks and international organisations such as the European Commission or NATO will discuss topics related to global security in an online debate taking place from 26 – 28 September.
As part of the debate, the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC) will host a Rapid Fire Chat on emerging technologies and their impact on security issues. The Rapid Fire Chat will last one hour and will be moderated by DOC Senior Researcher Nikita Konopaltsev.
Debating Security Plus will offer a global exchange on international security analysis and problem solving within the following areas: 1) Countering radicalisation and global terrorism; 2) The movement from hybrid to asymmetric warfare; 3) Nuclear proliferation and other nuclear threats; 4) Cyber defence and deterrence; 5) Realigning security and development; and 6) Climate change, conflict and mass migration.
The outcome of the entire 48 hour debate will be released in a report beginning of December. Additionally, DOC and Friends of Europe will host an event together on migration, to take place in Berlin this December.
Friends of Europe – Les amis de l´Europe (FoE) is a leading Brussels-based think tank that aims to stimulate thinking on key global and European political issues.  FoE promotes the confrontation of ideas that are vital to policymaking, and encourages wider involvement in Europe’s future.

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