DOC Research Institute Publishes First Annual Report, Charts Progress Made in Y1 of Operations

14 August, Berlin – The DOC Research Institute (“DOC”), an independent international think tank, has published its first annual report covering the first full year of operations since its launch in July 2016.
To download the full text of the report click here.
Global leaders from the worlds of politics, business, and academia convened in Berlin for the international launch of the DOC on 1 July 2016. The DOC developed out of the WPF Dialogue of Civilizations, which over its 15-year history amassed substantial expertise in creating a space in which people of different faiths, backgrounds, and positions could come together to work to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.
DOC’s research activities are built on firm foundations that are designed to ensure and enhance quality, comprising a Programme Council, Expert Committee, Internal and External Researchers, and Joint Research. Full details on structure and approach can be found in the Annual Report.
A central element in the DOC’s governance structure is the Supervisory Board. Headed by Dr. Vladimir Yakunin, the Supervisory Board comprises senior advisers and major donors and consists of 12 members.
Key operational highlights from 2016-2017 include:

Held a series of round-table events, conferences, and lectures, in total taking part in and held over 40 events, attracting over 2,000 people, including the two highest-profile events: its July Berlin DOC Launch and the Rhodes Forum 2016;
Successfully launched two Calls for Papers, resulting in the publication of 26 Expert Comments, 18 Articles, 13 blogs and opinion pieces, and 1 Special Report in 2016 and

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