Pooran Pandey among Key Speakers of NBSAP Forum Webinar

On 5th April the NBSAP Forum is organising the webinar ‘Human Rights, Business and Biodiversity’, starting at 9 PM EDT / New York. This webinar will focus on links between human rights and business and will explore UN Global Compact initiatives that address the issue of human rights. Using examples from the extractives industry, we will also discuss the impacts of business on both the conservation and development agenda from a human rights perspective.
Among the speakers are Shaliani Iyengar, Faculty, School of Law, Environment and Planning, Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore; Pooran Pandey, Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute; and Claudia Ituarte- Lima, Stockholm Resilience Centre and Per Stromberg, SEPA.
‘Human Rights, Business and Biodiversity’ is part of a three-part webinar series on human rights and the environment with the Forum for Law, Environment, Development and Governance (FLEDGE), the UN Environment Law Division, UNDP, and the Stockholm Resilience Centre.
Maintaining a natural environment of certain quality is recognised as an essential human right, as seen in environmental laws related to protection and governance. Principle 1 of the Stockholm Declaration, which was adopted at the UN Conference on Human Environment in 1972, directly refers to the right to freedom, equality and adequate living conditions.  It underscores the importance of the environment in achieving a life of dignity and wellbeing. Additionally, Principle 1 of the Rio Convention, adopted in 1992, draws attention to the importance of linkages between human rights and the environment: “human beings are entitled to a healthy and

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