John S. Latsis Foundation supports Rhodes forum

Berlin, 26 April 2018, For the third year the John S. Latsis Foundation (JLF) is supporting the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC RI) through a financial contribution to the 2018 Rhodes Forum. As partners of the Forum, the John S. Latsis Foundation will also be represented by a delegation in Rhodes.
Jiahong Chen, Acting CEO of the DOC RI stated: “Their persistent engagement and support shows that the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute is successful at organising these kinds of events and addressing the most relevant topics. We want to thank the John S. Latsis Foundation for their contribution and trust in our organisation and in the Rhodes Forum.”
Held since 2003, the Rhodes Forum has made its name as a premier destination for globally re-nowned academics and policymakers to share insights about shared global issues and to discuss potential solutions. Panel discussions this year will cover topics including foreign actors in the Middle East, European and trans-Atlantic security architecture, economic inequality, democratic regimes, digitalisation, and the cultivation of humanity. The conference will also host two high-level events: The Leaders Club meeting, ‘Infrastructure Development in Emerging Economies’, and the Summit on Africa, ‘Engaging Africa in Dialogue: Towards Harmonious Development’. For further information and updates on this year’s Forum, please see Rhodesforum.org.
The Dialogue of Civilizations Rhodes Forum brings together concerned members of the international political, business, civil society and academic communities in a spirit of dialogue and inclusivity. Every year, hundreds of participants from more than 70 countries explore the major challenges

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