UNESCO and DOC RI focus on educational programmes to foster dialogue

On the 9th on April 2018, across Paris, Almaty, Moscow, Berlin, and several other cities, an online conference on dialogue was held, co-organised by DOC Research Institute.[1] Titled ‘The Concept of Dialogue in the Modern World: Philosophical Understanding and Practical Application,’ the aim of the e-conference was to spark intellectual and academic debate about issues related to the concept of dialogue, and its practical application in our modern, interconnected world.
The first online conference was held in 2017 and featured the DOC Research Institute’s research on the philosophical roots of intercultural dialogue developed and presented by Prof. Marietta Stepanyants, Chief Research Fellow and Chair of the UNESCO project, ‘Philosophy in the Dialogue of Cultures’, at the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The discussion was focused on a flagship project ‘Schools of the Dialogue of Cultures’, which consists of an online-platform and textbook for schoolchildren, and a workbook for teachers. The platform, textbook, and workbook are aimed at boosting practical knowledge about different cultures and civilisations and expanding the understanding of the philosophical approach to understand intercultural dialogue.
The programme developed by Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, UNESCO, and DOC Research Institute is aimed at schoolchildren of grades 9 to 12 and is focused on the basic values of civilisations and cultures, promoting respect for other cultures and traditions. The programme also helps to develop skills to participate in dialogue with representatives of other cultures. In order to be implemented successfully, courses for teachers are

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