Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute at St. Petersburg Forum

St. Petersburg 24-26 May: A delegation from DOC RI, including Chairman of the Supervisory Board Dr. Vladimir Yakunin and Grigory Levchenko, Corporate Communications Director/Head of Moscow Office, attended the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.
Yakunin gave a speech during the panel, ‘People´s Diplomacy: From People’s Trust to the Trust of Economies’. The panel dealt with tackling issues finding common ground regarding culture, science, and aspirations for peace, as these create a solid foundation for strategic economic integration. The key issues raised included: how globalisation and digitalisation have erased the boundaries of communication between active citizens across the globe; what role can people-to-people diplomacy play in promoting and developing such interactions? How can we move from trust amongst each other to trust in economies? What can civil society do to create an atmosphere of trust in businesses?
You can watch the full CGTN interview with Dr. Yakunin as he discusses these and other related issues: Business Talk with Russian Exec at the 2018 SPIEF

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