T20 Argentina associated event: Infrastructure development in emerging economies

30th May, Berlin. DOC Research Institute, in cooperation with T20 Argentina experts, held a roundtable at DOC headquarters, entitled ‘Capacity building for Infrastructure Development in Emerging Economies’. Participants who gathered in DOC HQ represent five continents (Asia, Africa, North America, South America, and Europe), which reflected the spirit of open cooperation and intercultural dialogue.
Dr. Vladimir Yakunin gave the opening remarks, highlighting the importance of professional knowledge and skills in developing infrastructure projects that foster economic growth in lesser developed countries. The possible outcomes from investment in infrastructure development should be carefully studied, he argued.
“Special attention should be paid to the fact that infrastructure investments are not a monetary ‘black hole’. They in fact have a wide range of positive effects from the very beginning of project implementation, such as job creation, local industry development, increased tax revenues, and requests for new educational services and skills. All of these positively affect the social wellbeing of a society and region” continued Yakunin.
The roundtable was moderated by Dr. Thorsten Jelinek, Europe Director of the Taihe Institute, who spoke of the eight most important factors that will transform infrastructure development, moving it in the direction of sustainability and shared prosperity. In his presentation, he noted critical divergent trends. The level of innovation in the infrastructure sector compared to other areas of production (for example, the automobile industry) is much lower. One of the factors determining this trend is the long-term nature of investments in infrastructure. Thorsten conclude that the ‘DNA’ of today’s infrastructure needs

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