DOC Research Institute Annual Report Showcases 2017-2018 Achievements

Berlin 8 June 2018 – The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC) Annual Report for 2017-2018 outlines the achievements of DOC over in 2017-2018 in all areas of operations: research, publications, events, fundraising activities, and the Institute’s financial performance for this period.

Publications and research produced by DOC explored what ‘humanity’ means, examining what it means to be human and how we relate to the multifaceted world around us. Authors explored crucial issues such as migration, identity construction, and the rise in nationalism.

DOC publications and research throughout 2017 outperformed expectations in terms of number, impact, and reach (citations, media mentions, and online engagement).

DOC’s research strength lies with both our internal researchers and the wide range of international experts and key institutions with which we collaborate. Institutional partnerships are developed in line with the DOC’s strategic partnership initiative, and in 2017 DOC engaged with educational and research establishments in Belgium, China, Greece, Iran, and Russia.

DOC’s events drew experts from diplomatic, business, and academic circles. These events aim not only to bring together senior figures to explore complex issues and share differing opinions, but also to develop future-oriented solutions that can be presented to decision makers.

Over 2017-2018, DOC saw an increase in the number of attendees to these events – including an increase in high-level attendees – which it indicates that its research and event operations are resonating with a broader audience.

As DOC’s Chairman Vladimir Yakunin notes, “It is clear that there is a growing recognition across the globe that dialogue offers humanity its best chance of halting the trend towards increased

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On 15 August 2018, Vladimir Yakunin, co-founder and chairman of the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute’s supervisory board, was given an award by the Russian Muftis Council, a non-governmental religious organisation representing the Muslim community of Russia. Vladimir Yakunin received an award and medal “for his great services in strengthening the spirit of trust and cooperation […]

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