T20 publishes DOC Research recommendations

TF8-T20-DOC-Revised-Policy-Brief-by-GROTE-Improving-GLAA policy brief entitled ‘Improving Governability, Legitimacy, Accountability’ by Jürgen Grote, Chief Researcher at the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC), has been accepted by Task Force 6 of the T20 Committee under the heading of ‘Social Cohesion, Global Governance, and the Future of Politics’. The brief will be discussed at the T20 Argentina Summit on 16-18 September 2018 in Buenos Aires.
After the German G20 presidency ended in 2017, Argentina assumed leadership until November 2018, at which point the Japanese presidency commences. In this context, the T20 (Think 20) Summit 2018 will be held, bringing together leading think tanks, government officials, representatives from international organisations, and stakeholders from the business community to develop and produce public policy proposals (T20 Communiqué) to be presented to the G20 Argentina presidency.
DOC has successfully contributed to the process with two policy briefs selected by an international committee of experts. Aside from ‘Improving Governability’ by Grote, a brief by Vladimir Yakunin, Li Xin, Dimitris Psarrakis, and Maxim Vilisov will also be presented. ‘Fostering the Cross-Border Infrastructure for Sustainable Development and Regional Cooperation’ has been accepted by T20 Task Force 10 on ‘Climate Action and Infrastructure for Development’. It will be discussed at the International Roundtable on ‘Territory, Infrastructure, and Sustainability’, organised by the International Urban Development Association (INTA) at the T20 Argentina Summit.
Moreover, Vladimir Popov, Research Director at DOC Berlin, has been prominently involved in shaping another T20 policy brief, ‘Advancing Human-Centred Economic Progress in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Leadership Agenda for G20 Governments’,

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