Prof. Achille Mbembe on the upcoming 2018 Rhodes Forum

Renowned historian, philosopher and political scientist Professor Achille Mbembe will participate in the key event of this year’s Rhodes Forum – the Summit on Africa “Еngaging Africa in Dialogue: Towards a Harmonious Development of the Continent”, which is a high-level panel dedicated to the development of the African continent and its relations with the rest of the world.
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The Dialogue of Civilizations Rhodes Forum has long been a platform for perspectives beyond the realms of general debate, and has built a reputation for astutely identifying and providing insight into future areas of tension and conflict. Taking place on the beautiful and historic Greek Island of Rhodes, the forum also offers attendees the unique opportunity to network with influential peers including distinguished current and former heads of state. The Rhodes Forum a truly unmissable event for those who wish to be part of the leading edge debate for our future.

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