Jean-Christophe Bas speaks at OIC Day at UNESCO on prevention of violent extremism and conflicts

On 28 September in Paris, The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) at UNESCO and the OIC Liaison office to UNESCO held a roundtable on ‘Intercultural dialogue as a tool for prevention of violent extremism and conflicts: Best practices among OIC member states in promotion of intercultural dialogue’. within the held OIC Day in the UNESCO Head Quarters in Paris. The CEO of the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC RI), Jean-Christophe Bas, had the honour of speaking during the event about the Baku Process and World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue WFID, of which he is a member of the Task Force.
“It is a global phenomenon that violent extremism and conflicts are rising. Intercultural dialogue and dialogue between civilizations are both becoming more and more crucial to find common answers by the international community. The OIC and UNESCO are attaching high importance to the role of intercultural dialogue as an effective ‘soft’ power – which is extremely needed for humanity in the current turbulent international environment – and so does the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute. Diversity provides a chance and asset in times of globalisation to find common answers to common problems caused by globalisation.”
During the roundtable best practices from Iraq, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan were discussed, such as how to build bridges and trust for sustainable peace and international security. The push and pull factors of violent extremism were also analysed.

The OIC Day held at UNESCO marked the 49th anniversary of the OIC with the attendance of UNESCO Director General

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