T20 publishes DOC Research recommendations

A policy brief entitled ‘Improving Governability, Legitimacy, Accountability’ by Jürgen Grote, Chief Researcher at the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC), has been accepted by Task Force 6 of the T20 Committee under the heading of ‘Social Cohesion, Global Governance, and the Future of Politics’. The brief will be discussed at the T20 Argentina Summit on 16-18 September 2018 in Buenos Aires.

Jean-Cristophe Bas

Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute appoints Jean-Christophe Bas as CEO

Jean-Christophe Bas joins the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC) from The Global Compass, a think tank he founded in 2016. Over the past 20 years he has held a number of senior policy positions in inter-governmental organisations. From 2008 to 2014, he was the Head of Strategic Development and Partnerships at the United Nations of the Alliance of Civilizations, an initiative launched by the UN Secretary General aimed at improving understanding and cooperation among nations and peoples across cultures, promoting cultural diversity and building inclusive societies. Before this position Bas spent nine years as the Head of Policy Dialogue at the World Bank, where he set up innovative mechanisms for strategic engagement with key decision makers and opinion leaders around the world, focusing on international development and the eradication of poverty.

Rhodes Forum


柏林2018年3月2号 – 文明对话研究所(DOC RI)宣布其主办的2018年罗德论坛正式开放注册。今年罗德论坛的主题是 “推动多边主义的进行:加强和平、安全和发展的对话”。论坛将于2018年10月5日到6日在希腊的罗德岛召开。
届时各国前任、现任领导人 、商界领袖、世界级专家、学者、社会各界代表将汇聚希腊罗德岛,明辨新兴趋势,讨论眼下世界问题之解决方法。最新议程请点击这里。

Rhodes Forum 2017

Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute’s 15th Anniversary Rhodes Forum 2017 Convenes

06 October 2017, Rhodes, Greece – DOC Research Institute (“DOC”, or the “Institute”), an independent international think tank headquartered in Berlin, announces that the 15th Anniversary Rhodes Forum 2017 “Multipolarity and Dialogue in Regional and Global Developments: Imagining Possible Futures.”


Call for Research Proposals

The DOC assesses research proposals by internal and external researchers. By applying the paradigm of Dialogue of Civilization as both theoretical framework and methodology, we identify the most pressing issues we are facing now, and we explore and offer global policy makers and major multi-national corporations practical advice and solutions on six research themes.

Rhodes Forum 2014

22 Ideas to Fix the World

Russian- French Economic Forum

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Rhodes Forum

柏林2018年3月2号 – 文明对话研究所(DOC RI)宣布其主办的2018年罗德论坛正式开放注册。今年罗德 […]

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On 28 June 2017 world experts will meet at the DOC Rese […]

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