The “Dialogue of Civilizations” today

The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC Research Institute) is a think tank that researches and develops proposals that address the key challenges faced by the international community.

DOC Research Institute carries out research into the causes of tension and identifies opportunities for conflict resolution. Its relevance is rooted both in the policy development proposals it puts forward, and in its ongoing engagement with a wide range of international experts.

DOC Research Institute provides an independent forum enabling people around the world to work together, through the fundamental principles of dialogue, to develop applicable analyses and practical solutions for national and international policy-makers and institutions.

Its vision is rooted in the understanding that an open, mutually respectful and equitable dialogue is the fundamental prerequisite for effective cooperation and partnership between civilisations.

Events held include the publication of analytical Reports, the organisation of round-tables and conferences, and the provision of expert commentary and analysis from our international network of reputed academics and sectoral experts.

Rooted in a tradition of seeking dialogue-based solutions to humankind’s most pressing issues, Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute builds on the World Public Forum Dialogue of Civilizations’ (Dialogue of Civilizations, DOC) legacy and expertise, bringing together global thought leaders from academia, public policy, business and civil society to debate and develop practice-based policy advice.

On 9 November 2001, following an initiative by Iranian leader Mohammad Khatami, UNESCO Member States unanimously adopted the ‘UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity’ and the UN General Assembly presented its Global Agenda for Dialogue Among Civilisations, setting out the principles of intercultural dialogue to be defended and objectives to be achieved. The Dialogue of Civilizations emerged as a practical endeavour to implement this initiative.

WPF DofCIn 2002, Dialogue of Civilizations was co-founded by Indian entrepreneur and visionary Jagdish Kapur, and Dr Vladimir Yakunin, business leader and philanthropist as well as by the American businessman of Greek origin, Nicholas F.S. Papanicolaou.

In its 15-year history, Dialogue of Civilizations has held over 100 seminars, roundtables, and lectures. It has organised over 30 regional conferences in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, and hosts the annual Rhodes Forum – an event that brings together experts from across the globe to address some of the most complex issues facing humanity.

Dialogue of Civilizations has published over 15 books, provides online courses in Dialogue of Civilizations, and has launched the educational initiative Schools of the Dialogue of Cultures.

Since 2013 it has enjoyed UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Special Consultative Status, and also collaborates with UNESCO.

The objective of the DOC Research Institute is to combine the efforts of the international community in protecting humanity’s spiritual and cultural values, to organise constructive dialogue between the contemporary world’s major civilizations and to promote multilateral relations in all spheres of public life. The Institute’s various activities are designed to develop, enhance and disseminate the culture of dialogue, bringing the spirit of cooperation and understanding into the daily lives of people from different cultures.

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