Joint projects with international non-governmental organizations and institutions

International “Schools of Dialogue”

graduate with a diploma In 2010 WPF “Dialogue of Civilizations” started developing an international educational project “School of Dialogue”. The UNESCO Philosophy Department, “Philosophy in the Dialogue of Cultures”, is a project partner. The project is being implemented on the platforms at several non-governmental educational institutions. The Schools of the Dialogue of Civilizations are aimed at developing a culture of tolerance and respect, as well as promotion of educational programs based on the historical traditions of multi-national states.

“Diaversity” — long-term educational project

Diversity-World In 2013 WPF “Dialogue of Civilizations” began implementing a pilot project, “Diaversity”, within the framework of which the basics of dialogue are studied for application in the polysemantic world. The project has been developed as a process of continuous self-teaching dialogue practices to bring meaning to life.

International conference on Holy Mount Athos

International conference on Holy Mount Athos In its work, WPF “Dialogue of Civilizations” places great emphasis on moral, religious and value-based aspects, in an attempt to strengthen and develop them as a resource to overcome national and international tensions. As part of this activity and with the support of a number of European nongovernmental organizations, an annual world public conference devoted to Mount Athos as a moral and spiritual resource in overcoming the deadlocks of globalization and secularization has been held since 2011. The conference participants discuss such topics as asceticism in public life, in interactions with the environment, and also ascetic actions as a relevant practice for sociallyoriented programs.

Altay Forum

Altai Forum This forum is dedicated to the ecological, spiritual and cultural aspects of cooperation among peoples in the name of common better future, harmonious interaction and development of society, man and nature. The topics of ecologically and spiritually oriented development may be combined with intergovernmental cooperation issues of the Greater Altai.The Altai Forum’s objective is to form a new agenda of international cooperation regarding the issues of ecologically and spiritually oriented civilization. The Forum aspires to become a constant platform for the discussion of the “green growth” issues, the dialogue of civilizations regarding ecological responsibility and global cooperation.The Altai Region is a unique natural and geopolitical region, a historically and culturally important place where Eurasian civilizations, peoples and cultures have always met.

Dialogue of Civilizations online community and internet portal

Online community of WPF The openness and accessibility of the Forum where WPF “Dialogue of Civilizations” conducts its activity makes it possible to represent the broadest range of opinions on social and economic issues and problems of international relations in the online space. Forum participants are not limited by the rules of the protocol that covers the majority of interstate public projects on the same topics, which makes it possible to quickly make comments and statements. In this way, all the participants have equal opportunity to formulate their opinions and suggestions regarding the mechanisms for solving international problems.

Cultures invite to the table

Kulturen bitten zu Tisch Annually 25 nations invite to culinary and cultural festival in the Sigmund Freud Park, Vienna, Austria. The festival is taking place on the occasion of the UNESCO World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. The income is allocated to specific social projects. The aim of the festival is to promote intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding on social and political level and to call for peaceful coexistence.