Rhodes Forum

Rhodes Forum 2014

Over 600 people from more than 70 countries participate annually in the session of the World Public Forum on Greek island of Rhodes – Rhodes Forum.

The WPF DoC has been holding the Rhodes Forum since 2003. During this time, the Rhodes Forum has become an effective mechanism of public involvement in the decision-making process. The main working principle of the Rhodes Forum is fostering a multi-level system of relations based on dialogue, openness, freedom of speech, and mutual respect.

The main theme of the last 12th Rhodes Forum was “Ending war, preventing war,” commemorating the 100th Anniversary of WWI. The theme is as relevant today as has ever in light of the numerous military conflicts raging in different parts of the world today. The 12th Rhodes Forum paid tribute to the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi and the late WPF Co-Chairman and Co-Founder Jagdish Kapur by promoting the culture of non-violence, and the spirit of cooperation, peace, and justice.

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