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The Press service of the Endowment for DofC is opened for cooperation and available to provide you with any required information.

If you require:
  • to organize an interview or receive a comment of a Fund’s expert or
  • further information about the Endowment for “DofC” and World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations”

Please, send us your request to and we reply as soon as possible.


or contact our press-secretary:

Lidia Vdovina

Lidia Vdovina

cell#:+41 (0) 79 106 18 46
skype: lika_sharly



Additional information you can find in our press-kit, avalaible for download:



Last press-releases:

13th of May, 2015: Cultures invite to the table in Vienna

28th of September, 2014: Rhodes Forum-2014 finished its work

27th of September, 2014: Preventing World War Through Global Solidarity: 100 years on – Rhodes Forum-2014 started its work

6th of September, 2014: 12th Session of the Rhodes Forum Started Journalists’ Accreditation

2nd of June, 2014: A new type of society needs environmentally and spiritually oriented strategy – the Altai Charter

19th of May, 2014: The idea of wider Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok instead of the Cold War renewal 19th of May, Berlin

24 th of February, 2014: World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations” warns against new world war

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